From the evening of September 29, 2017 to the evening of September 30, the YOM KIPUR – JEWISH DAY OF ATONEMENT has been celebrated. It takes place 10 days after the Jewish New Year, which was celebrated on September 20 this year.

During this day we have the opportunity to apologize in front of all those we offended and to forgive all those who have offended us. Last night I had the opportunity to start my YOM KIPPUR with a Forgiveness ritual with Miry Kornhauser, from Israel, and I finished it today at dusk. A great privilege to be able to do this with a person who has given me details about how special this celebration is. Thanks Miry.

Likewise, it was a great honor to have been invited 10 days ago to celebrate the Jewish New Year with the Jewish community of Bet Shalom in Barcelona. Thank you Isabel for making it possible. Since there are no coincidences, at that moment I began to feel how my spiritual guides were sending me to perform some kind of inner work that was connected to my current moment and the current moment of our society.

On that day, as I celebrated the Jewish New Year in this community, I felt the ENERGETIC FREQUENCY OF THE HEBREW CHANTS – some of them cleansed our energies and others connected us with a very deep emotion that only the Soul managed to understand.

Just then the terrible events of September 20 took place in Barcelona. However, returning home after the celebration, I just felt peace. The streets I went by emanated peace despite what had just happened.

I did not ignore all of this and I kept sensing how I should be aware that something that I should do was being activated and that I also had to be very present and focused on what it would be what I had to do at all times. And this is how I listened more than ever and from another serene perspective to everything that continued to happen.

If we bear in mind the facts that our society is experiencing with the current political conflict on the eve of a controversial referendum for the independence of Catalonia, it seems to me that this is an ideal opportunity that life is giving us once more to become aware of the fact that nothing happens by chance.

As far as myself is concerned, it has been the opportunity to meditate on the fact that all CONFLICTS are born of OFFENSES from both sides which have NOT been FORGIVEN yet.

On the other hand, the reality that we have to live is always just what we have to live, because it has some kind of resonance with some energy frequency that still lives inside us. So these days I did not want to let myself be led by the energy of the conflict that is so present in the air and therefore I did not want to position myself towards any of the sides, because on the one hand I see reasons and self-delusions on both sides and because on the other hand entering that energy means feeding it both within me and at the outer world adding energy to my internal conflicts.

The opposite position of washing my hands would not help much and would lead me to an attitude of not taking responsibility either on what is happening or on the responsibility that is in me to attract these facts to my life or regarding how much I am feeding the social conflict with my internal conflicts.

Therefore, the position I have tried to maintain at all times, despite the constant temptations of these days, has been to listen to my interior, to observe where are my conflicts that attract all this to my life, to listen to the external conflict without judging it nor rejecting it and to connect with much understanding and compassion towards what is being uncovered both in me and in my outer world. Not judging but accepting and observing.

And once this is done, it seems to me that it is a divine gift that when all this is happening is just on the dates of the Jewish New Year and the Jewish Day of Atonement. It is no coincidence that such a tight atmosphere has been created right now and it is up to us take advantage of such situation to listen to the conflict, to feel it and to look deep inside us to contribute to calm it down with an act of forgiveness and atonement.

Under my view, the current conflict is a FIGHT between the FEMININE and MASCULINE energies, Madrid being a masculine energy and Barcelona a very feminine one. This energy conflict is UNRESOLVED deep inside in the majority of the INHABITANTS regarding our divine feminine and masculine energies.

When we get involved only in seeing the surface of the external facts, we lose perspective and in the end we stop assuming our responsibility and contribution to the conflict but we have much more power to help dissolve it than we believe.

So my ritual of cleansing, atonement and forgiveness for YOM KIPPUR realized from this perspective has finally led me to my morning meditation mainly to understand that both energies in the most profound of our being are the energies of twin siblings, being one male and the other female. And I have lived as a gift this revelation that comes right on the day of political reflection and spiritual forgiveness in the Jewish world.

Let us not forget that there are many other things to apologize and to forgive in the history lived throughout the territory of the Iberian peninsula and that if we all did an act of apologizing for the abuses committed by our ancestors and at the same time we forgive the mistakes others made to our ancestors, the conflict would dissolve even more quickly.

Going back to the masculine and feminine energies, when I was meditating this morning and feeling the love of two siblings between my feminine part and my masculine part, a deep feeling of apology arose from my feminine energy to my masculine energy for not having connected with greater doses of love to heal and neutralize his imbalance.

I have also APOLOGIZED for the fact that this part of MY INNER CONFLICT may have contributed to the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that generates the conflict and makes it manifest in our society.

Therefore, I now end my Jewish Day of Atonement by feeling great humility to take responsibility for the part in me that could have contributed to the current conflict with my inner conflicts, especially in what still remains to be healed between my divine feminine and my divine masculine. Or rather, what remains to be healed between my inner man and my inner woman that prevents me from fully manifesting my feminine and masculine divine energies. And I raise all the energy of conflict between my feminine and my masculine towards the light to erase my imprint of the current political and social conflict, hoping to contribute to a more dialoguing society.