Matrix Maestra® is not a therapy, although it can be used as such. It is a TOOL FOR ENERGETIC WORK to enhance our creative and intuitive capacities and to take the person using it to a higher evolutionary level.

The Matrix Maestra ® allows you to create and design realities, to liberate you from limiting beliefs that block the art of creation that every human being has within.

It is more effective when making our goals and projects become real in our private and professional life, as well as in our EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WELL-BEIN. It has multiple applications.

Since it offers the possibility to unblock what separates us from our original “matrix” or “blueprint” (the holographic footprint that our soul leaves when incarnating) and to do so without any interference from the mind, the transformation speed is higher.

For most people, the mind is both a great tool and an interference when it comes to evolution and healing. The mind keeps many traumatic memories of past lives and seeks to avoid further suffering and protects us by making it difficult for us to access this information. Therefore, in our transformation process, the mind self-boycotts us to not advance.

Matrix Maestra® will progressively stop our mind, the ego, and connect mind and heart in order to reach the state of coherence and thus connect us with our HIGHER SELF. That is to say, that it goes over a great part of the self-boycott of our mind and that is why it is faster than other techniques for part of our healing and evolution process.

With Matrix Maestra® our insights become more lucid and we stop wasting time and energy on unnecessary mental analysis. This way we learn how to live from the heart and how to sense more and more what gives us happiness and how to achieve it. 

The origin of the Matrix Maestra® lies in Dr. Richard Bartlett, chiropractor and naturopath with private practice in Seattle (Washington, USA) began teaching this technique of the “two points” after discovering the simplicity in applying it. His seminars were massive when he travelled to Germany to introduce the technique there in October 2009. Two years later Gisbert Reuter would introduce it in Spain, making it evolve into the Matrix Maestra ®.

The Matrix Maestra ® together with the energyfocussing is the natural evolution of Matrix Energetics and goes beyond the technique of the “two points” used by the Hawaiian shamans. It combines the latest scientific knowledge of QUANTUM PHYSICS.

The scientific basis of the quamtum physics includes the String Theory as well as the Morphogenetic Resonance from Rupert Sheldrake (morphogenetic fields).

The “two-points” technique implies connecting a point of the person being treated with another point in the cosmos in which the high energies that we want to reach the person in question are located. This is done in a simple way that usually lasts a few seconds or few minutes. When using this technique, the practitioner is not channeling energy but connecting two points. We could imagine that it is something similar to what the first telephone operators did when connecting two interlocutors by means of two pegs and from there they established communication.

With the Matrix Maestra ® the energy does not flow from the person who administers it to his/her client, but the Matrix Maestra ® practitioner directly connects the customer with high level energies using the “two points” technique in a simple way that usually lasts a feew seconds or minutes.

From this moment on the pratitioner is no longer involved in the process. The client receives a powerful energy “wave” that often generates a body swing and LOSS OF BALANCE while his/her energy field RESETS AND ADAPTS to these new energies that bring him/her to the new requested reality.

The reason for losing balance immediately after receiving the energy “wave” is that we are modifying the location of that person’s atoms in an instant. This means that the nervous system, which includes the brain, has to decode and process a large amount of new information in an instant and, as it happens with computer systems, the brain “hangs” for a moment. That causes us to lose balance, since it is controlled by our nervous system.

That is to say that the loss of momentary balance is not only a natural and harmless effect but a symptom that the technique is working and that the new energy is reaching the person who receives it.

The energy applied continues working thereafter and the effects are usually seen quickly making the person go very often through a process that brings him/her gradually closer to his/her target.

Matrix Maestra ® WORKS equally well in the DISTANCE. No matter the miles between the practitioner and the patient: the “wave” reaches the client who loses balance. Quantum physics explains that there are no limits of physical distance for the atoms.

There are no limits to what can be applied with Matrix Maestra®. It is a technique and its applications depend on the therapist. It is necessary to know other techniques and processes to give the appropriate orders in the application of an energy “wave”.

However, it is not a shortcut for people who do not want to do a deep and authentic work of transformation. Each time we advance, the process is accompanied by an expansion of our consciousness. From a new level of consciousness, we take responsibility for what we have lived, thanking and honoring what we have learned and forgiving us for the mistakes that also served to learn and grow. At no time will the Matrix Maestra® avoid this reality.

Nobody will achieve a lasting healing if it is not accompanied by a process of increasing their level of consciousness. Therefore, as a therapist I personally do not offer sessions of only Matrix Maestra® but it is one of the many tools I use to help evolve and empower people who are responsible for their process.

In every transformation process there are several stages where moments of improvement and well-being alternate with others in which there is an apparent recoil when deeper layers that require healing come to surface. Therefore, the higher speed of this tool for energetic work must be taken into account. So being able to live it from the hand of a therapist who works guided by his/her Higher Self is fundamental to determine when to use it and when to use other tools. In case you decide to get trained in this technique and carry out your growth process using it, it will also be convenient to keep this in mind.