Why was Royal Blue trendy some years ago? Royal Blue color -following the Aura-soma system- became trendy the season right after Coral color became trendy, a color which has been among us for a longer period of time. And this is not by chance. Since the colors emit a wave frequency, each one causes certain effects in our energetic field and emotions. Using them in our wardrobe and at home with awareness can bring us many benefits.

Royal Blue color is connected to the Male Energy and to the highest functions of the mind, MISTICISM and INTUITION.

Therefore, this color helps us reach a state of PEACE to keep slowing down the logical and analytical Mind as well as repetitive thoughts. This will allow us develop then the highest functions of the Mind, in relationship with intuition and clairvoyance. Royal Blue color is related to the opening of the Third Eye Chakra, Interior Insight and the activation of the pineal and pituitary glands.

Thus, with this color, we keep awakening our psyquic functions to be able to channel information from other dimensions, while increasing conciousness, which allows us to understand abstract truths that we could not understand with the logical Mind. It is therefore a color for TRANSFORMATION at the level of THINKING. With this color, we slowly stop spinning on things and we start just KNOWING, seeing very clearly what needs to be done and having a broader vision on things and situations. From this perspective, it prepares us for the change that come come later on when we will need other more appropriate colors.

On the other hand, Royal Blue is the color of COMMUNICATION at the highest level. This means communication in two directions – communication that reaches us from the highest realms of creation as well as communication from us towards the rest of the world. It is then a color that helps us BROADCAST the truths that we start to feel more certain and clear than before.

Just after becoming trendy, we lived the entrance into year 2013, which was the year of BROADCASTING, a year when we have to spread and teach our gifts or talents, share them with others. Sometimes the memory of our talents from past lives does not get activated until we broaden our conciousness and connect with those other realities that Royal Blue gives us access to. And once we connect with those ancestral talents, we can share them with others also with the help of this color.

We should take into account that for such purpose it adds another quality: helping us OVERCOMING ISOLATION AND UNSOCIABILITY, to be able to SHARE what we are.

This color reached our closets after Coral color, which helps us connect with the Female Energy and heal the emotional wounds in the area of ​​Feelings. That is why the Electric Blue appeared afterwards to quiet the mind. We can not force the stillness of thoughts when they are triggered by memories that still hurt us emotionally. That is why they go in this order and not the other way round, although somehow the work is done in parallel.

These colors burst with force starting in 2012, just at the entrance of a new energy stage and change of consciousness in the human being. Both have a very important role in the transition path in which humanity finds itself, the transition from living from the mind to LIVING FROM THE HIGHER SELF (BEING).

When both colors do their job, that is to say the Coral color cleanses and heals the Heart chakra and the Royal Blue color quiets the Mind and activates the Intuition, it is when you can build a kind of motorway between Mind and Heart, where both sides of us go hand in hand. This is how the state of COHERENCE is reached and we stop having a conflict between the Mind and the Heart. Both Mind and Heart dictate to us the same decisions and we reach a state of SECURITY and CERTAINTY not lived before.

Although this color has lost strength later on in the windows of our stores, we can keep it very present and use it frequently whenever we want to solve issues with AUTHORITY and in general in our relationship with the FATHER. It will also help us to bring any of the other qualities of the well-worked Male Energy, such as order, structure, organization and direction towards concrete goals. Using it aware of what it brings allows us to enjoy more of its benefits.