MESSAG FROM ARCHANGELS MICHAEL AND SAMAEL about the energies in the conflict between Spain and Catalonia.
Channelled by MONICA FLAMES
– October 2nd, 2017 –

We have something to manifest. There are now two energetic swirls of great power over Spain and Catalonia. One of the energetic swirls is located in the city of Madrid and the epicenter of the other in Barcelona. They are TWO GREAT HURRICANES that are growing in strength. 

The hurricane over Madrid rotates clockwise and emits red, dark green and dark violet energy (anger, misuse of power, crushing, limitation) and the one over Barcelona-Catalonia rotates in the opposite direction to the clockwise and emits brown and dark olive green energy (bitterness, resentment, mental closure). The scales of energy in Spain need to be balanced.

There has been a great deal of vibrational attraction towards deception, destruction, abuse of power, disrespect, corruption and impunity in the territory of Spain for a long sustained time – centuries. A great deal of energy of INJUSTICE and LACK OF UNDERSTANDING. The vibrational points maintained over the time develop much strength whether they are for good or for bad.

At this time it is very difficult for you to keep standing and in balance when this energy is passing by. The only possible move to be PROTECTED is to ASCEND to a safe place – with a vibration more in tune with your Higher Self.

You can visualize climbing up some lianas to an elevated space, a SACRED TERRITORY where you ascend and with your loved ones. From that place you can have a COMPLETE AND AUTHENTIC VISION OF REALITY.

This channel already experienced a situation in the past when she had to resort to the Father to be saved from a situation of persecution, harassment and defamation by a spiritual group led by a powerful and manipulative man. This channel could see the truth and let the blindfolds fall, and saw what there was: a military camp, the belief that we had to fight against “something”, people who had different beliefs and chose to live their life in a way different from what their belief and their leader told them. The truth that this channel saw is that there was only one human being in a position of power who controlled others, and all there was was power struggles, mistrust, madness and manipulation.

Now the same thing is happening. Only that it happening to a part of the population, manipulated by leaders who want their own glory. Some CATALAN LEADERS are VERY DARK BEINGS and have come to try to stop the expansion of light and love that is developing in the city of BARCELONA, place of UNION OF CULTURES, RELIGIONS AND CREATIVITY for the FUTURE HUMANITY. It is a strategy of darkness.

The LEADERS OF THE PP (Madrid) are STONE FIGURES, ancient and obsolete energies that are reluctant to leave and let a more innovative point of view, based on professionalism, cooperation and that love to humanity reigns.

Invocate the Angels of Peace, the Angels that protect the Sacred, of Life and of the union of Humanity. Invocate the Angels of the Earth, of the different territories of the Spanish territory. Call upon the Mother, the GREAT MOTHER to help heal the pain in the hearts of all people, the lack of understanding, and guide us to destroy in us the seeds of hatred among brothers, between nations, cultures, ideologies , religions and beliefs.

Like all hurricanes, these will CAUSE DAMAGES, but sometimes humanity does not understand other types of messages.
What can you do?

PROTECT YOUR HOMES, with a shield of GOLDEN LIGHT and above this a thick layer of VIOLET color. Inside your home visualize and fill it with GREEN color, which will bring you more oxygen to breathe and recover.

Those of you who come to the meditations of this channel are seeking answers, you are good souls who want to know your role in everything that is happening, or that you need to lose the fear and start to trust your Higher Self and stop giving power to an authority.

Some of you feel scared, but now there are many people who feel panic and are out of themselves. Therefore, when people are in that state, they are much more vulnerable to being the target of manipulation and to blindly believe what they are told, even if it is crazy or goes against life.

Every human being has his/her MISSION. Nothing or no-one has the power to forbid you to carry out your mission, sometimes it is very easy to be dragged by what happens to not see your OWN RESISTANCE to walk each of you your own way, to keep on setting free and healing, and it is there where you accumulate your own EXCUSES.

Only the FIRM INTENTION OF THE HEART to be with your HIGHER SELF helps you to be completely FREE and not to be used as an instrument of darkness, through CONFUSION, HATRED and the energy of CONFLICT.

The signs have been clear, the help we offer has been and is available to anyone who really wants to open up to live from another place: more CONSCIOUS, HONEST and AUTHENTIC.

We told you at the beginning of the summer that a TIME OF INCOMODITY was coming, that you had to lear to live with it, that you should not resist it, that you had to learn to find YOUR CENTER and that you had to learn that the EARTH, as a whole, every place, every territory, is YOUR HOME .

Have you learned it already?
Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING that is moving emotionally within each one of you, is part of those SEEDS that you have allowed to grow and even INVADE YOUR INTERIOR. When weeds occupy the garden, it is hard to recognize who you are and what you feel.

You have TWO OPTIONS: let those weeds SPREAD more and react to what happens or roll up your sleeves and start CLEANING AND PULLING THEM OUT.

Thanks to what is happening and to the increase of your discomfort you can ADDRESS YOUR HIGHER SELF and ASK WHAT YOU WANT. Or do you want to feel a little more discomfort? It is your CHOICE. Why do not you use the channels we give you to help you?

It is time for you to HEAL THE WOUNDS OF THE HEART, and STOP BEING CHILDREN, if you want to build a SACRED HUMANITY and IN PEACE for your children.

With LOVE and PEACE. WE LOVE YOU and we are here to ASSIST YOU.