Many have lost the true MEANING OF CHRISTMAS and others simply do not care about it. It is not surprising that some people are not attracted to Christmas, because their soul does not resonate with the current Christmas approach. Luckily many people manage to get excited about this time of year but it would be much more pleasant and rewarding if we remembered what Christmas means.

Halloween: Christmas preparation

In order to do so we must go back to HALLOWEEN time, which in the Catholic culture of Latin rite is called “All Saints” (November 1st) and the day of the “Deceased Saints” (November 2nd). All Saints Day is a celebration for the souls that have been purified and reached the state of Holiness, while on the Deceased Saints Day the deceased people are honored.

In any case, that time of year establishes the preparation for Christmas. If we are going to welcome something as PURE as the Christmas spirit should be, we must first CLEAN the whole “DEAD” part in each one of us or that part which must “die” to continue our process of purification as souls.

So, the Halloween-All Saints time is the symbolism of worshiping “OUR DEAD ONES” and on the other hand of laughing at our dark part in order to overcome being afraid of darkness, as a preparation for Christmas. sin que intervenga la mente, la velocidad de transformación es mayor.

What does “our dead ones” mean? On the one hand, it represents our ANCESTORS, those beings we came from, where everyone will have their own “family secrets” to bring to light, accept and transmute after honoring first what our ancestors have lived, no matter how hard it seems: it meant a great learning for our family lineage and now we can recognize the effort done by them so that then we can cut ties with what we no longer want from that energy. Therefore, the custom of bringing flowers to the cemetery to our deceased relatives at that time, is a way to fill with the energy of love what our ancestors had to live and transmute what is time to.

On the other hand “our dead ones” means our PAST LIVES, and specifically those in which we must forgive or ask for forgiveness for something dark that does not allow us to move forward and that we need to treat properly to continue purifying our soul. It is no coincidence that 9 days after the Jewish New Year – which was at the end of September this year 2017 – there is a great celebration, Yom Kippur or the Atonement Day to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

As we evolve, our level of consciousness keeps on raising and together with it our understanding and our lessons with the darkness, as an opportunity to recognize it and to reaffirm ourselves more and more in our LIGHT.

Halloween is one of those lessons when it is time to stop being AFRAID OF DARKNESS and when we learn that with a certain SENSE OF HUMOR we can make darkness lose strength in our lives.

What happens on Halloween-All Saints is that a certain amount of darkness comes to us -both from our ancestors and from our past lives- to give us the opportunity to HONOR ITS LESSON, to overcome our fear to it, to accept that it exists and to TRANSCEND it to move on towards a more PURE part of OUR BEING.

The Cosmic Child at Christmas

And that purity is just what comes for CHRISTMAS. The purest part of our essence is undoubtedly our COSMIC CHILD or DIVINE CHILD. And that is what the celebration of the birth of the Child Jesus represents.

What do mothers usually do when a child is about to be born? We prepare the room by cleaning and decorating it in the sweetest and coziest possible way to welcome him/her to our family. It is precisely at Christmas that we welcome the symbolic arrival of Our Divne Child.

In order to do so, we have been “cleaning the room” since Halloween, when getting rid of a great amount of darkness and then we have decorated it with Christmas ornaments, entering a spirit of CELEBRATION and FAMILY GATHERING.

Jesus Christ was a human being who walked on this Earth while being connected with his Higher Self, something that the rest of human beings will be gradually doing and that some are already progressively trying to do. It is a whole PROCESS that implies a HUGE CHANGE in Humanity and that does not happen overnight.

There are two MAIN ACCESS ROUTES to our Higher Self: one is through our FEMININE ENERGY, both in men and women and the other one is via our DIVINE CHILD.

If Jesus Christ was connected to his Higher Self, the Child Jesus was his Divine Child. But not all of us have had that direct connection with our Divine Child.

Cosmic Child and Inner Child

Much is now being said about the Inner Child, which is the sum of all the children we have been, not only the boy or girl of our present childhood, but those of all our past lives. Therefore, our Inner Child has many wounds to be healed because we have not been happy as children in all our past lives.

The Inner Child is not the same as the Divine Child. The desirable thing would be to be able to identify with our COSMIC or DIVINE CHILD after healing our Inner Child. Once we do that, the ACCESS to our Higher Self becomes much EASIER.

That Divine Child will bring us the spirit of celebration in all the projects that we undertake and will be the fuel so that our forces do not fail, besides the fact that he/she will attract the necessary resources by resonance. He/she will help us live life with a playful and unconcerned spirit knowing that God and / or the Universe brings us everything we need, so that the flow of blessings to our life is never cut off.

However, if we are more connected with our injured Inner Child because we have not paid enough attention to heal him/her, he/she will boycott our projects and make us believe that it is difficult to achieve what we want in addition to taking us to a state of concern and feeling of abandonment. When this is the case, the Inner Child does not feel like playing or celebrating and loses interest in Christmas.

Anyone who feels LOATHING for Christmas, urgently needs to HEAL their Inner Child and remember that it does not matter that others have banalized Christmas. When you manage to heal your Inner Child and feel the Christmas spirit, you do not care if others remain on the purely consumerist surface.

Now we can remember that when we sing Christmas carols to the Child Jesus, we are really being grateful for the example that this Being gave us to remind us that we all have a Higher Self and therefore a Cosmic Child inside us with whom we have the right to connect and enjoy life.

Each Christmas is an opportunity to heal our Inner Child to a deeper level and open the doors of our heart to our Cosmic Child. This way, we will gradually open the path to our Higher Self, among other possible ways to access our true essence, to have a fuller life.

Cosmic Child in Turquoise Green

The color that represents the vibration of the Cosmic Child is turquoise green, or aquamarine green. That color that has become fashionable in recent years is not a coincidence, since Humanity is ready to take another important evolutionary leap. It is not surprising that one of the colors that represent Christmas is green. And that it is also the color of the child who did not want to grow: Peter Pan. In order to connect with your Cosmic Child, get dressed in turquoise green and use it as much as you can in several areas of your life. And… think green…