Why has Coral color been so trendy for several years now? Each color has a different vibration and it therefore connects you with a specific attitude when using such color. Following the teachings of Aura-soma system, Coral color is the color of WISDOM OF LOVE since it is made of both color Red (basic color for Love) and Golden color (color for Wisdom).

Wisdom of Love is a quality of the Female Energy, therefore a quality that every woman has innate within herself, although most women are now out of tune from it.

Throughout the history of Humanity, both men and women have gradually forgotten their own innate qualities and we have gone through times when the Feminine and Masculine energies were in imbalance either in one direction or the other,  be during matriarchy or patriarchy periods. In order to be able to balance both energies and to abandon forever the predominance of one over the other, it is imperative to start the process of rebalancing at the Feminine energy for many different reasons.

Most women dream about men miraculously awaking from their oblivion about their hidden true talents and becoming overnight true gentlemen, when these women forget that their feminine essence is what those men need to remember who they are. And this is so because women have forgotten a very powerful hidden truth: when women get back to being truly themselves, it will be when men will be able to remember their true essence in a way of feeling complete. It is not possible to express what you do not feel in a natural way and Coral color will be of great help during this process.

That’s why women should first heal all their pain from past eras and for such task one of the first qualities to retrieve is the WISDOM OF LOVE.

If a woman begins to catch tune with this quality, she will gradually remember who she really is and will stop being a man in a woman’s body to offer the world her Wisdom on Love. It is thus the right time for CORAL color to be so trendy, so that women get soaked with its vibration by using it and can remember again this quality within themselves. It is the time of the Great Transformation and nothing happens by chance even in the fashion world, which women are so addicted to.

Moreover, CORAL color helps heal UNREQUITED OR UNDECLARED LOVE. It allows us to disassociate ourselves from all the drama lived when we did not receive in balance within a relationship. As we heal, we will understand the true vibration of LOVE that begins with an understanding of TRUE SELF-ESTEEM, LOVING YOURSELF and feel so much love from within your heart that you do not need anyone else to love you to be happy. That’s another quality of CORAL color. And only with that attitude of truly loving herself, it is when a woman is truly independent and can feel self-confident, becoming much more attractive to a real man.

Apart from that, CORAL color provides the ability to connect with a SPIRIT OF COOPERATION AT ANOTHER LEVEL. It is therefore also a very suitable vibration to help us disassociate from the individualism in which we have fallen in our society and understand that we are all part of a Unity where everyone has their talents and much to offer to the world, in order to get involved in productive projects for all.

Of course, the fact that this color remains fashionable since it burst into fashion in 2012 is not a coincidence. That was a year when another stage of great internal change began in the consciousness of people and to do this rebalance of energies we are going to need a few years during which the coral color will not abandon us. Or perhaps better said, during which we should not forget it and use it more and more frequently and consciously.