Archangels Workshop

4-HOUR WORKSHOP where you will get information on the 4 main Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel), their properties and what they can do for you as well as receiving tools that can be useful in your healing process and spiritual evolution.

It’s for you if…


You’ve always been attracted by the Archangels but you feel lost when it comes to using everything they can give you.


You are at a stage in your life where you need more protection or energetic cleaning and do not know how to receive it.


You want to explore what Archangel is waiting to support you in some new project or stage of your life.


You want to find out what messages the Archangels have for you.


  • Michael: Properties and feel his energy
  • Gabriel: Properties and feel her energy
  • Rafael: Properties and feel his energy
  • Uriel: Properties and feel her energy
  • Elements, colors and totem animals of the Archangels
  • Usage of archangels in different religions
  • Hebrew Archangel Names
  • Prayers of Archangels and cardinal points
  • Archangelic Cross Meditation
  • Water charged with the Archangels energy

How does it work?

The different properties of each of the four Archangels are explained and, using the meditation technique, you’ll practice to feel the energy of each of them separately and listen to their messages if appropriate. Some of the existing tools that use the four archangels at the same time will also be practiced.



You will receive a picture of each Archangel to help you connect with them and receive their protection.

You will access the channeled information on the Archangelic cross and understand the power that  it gives you.

“Let the Archangels Protect your essence”

With this workshop you’ll be able to…

Find out what Archangel or Archangels you should work with at the present time.

Distinguish the energy of each one of the Archangels.

Receive very useful information about how each of them can help you.

Discover the meaning of their names of Hebrew origin.

Increase your protection and cleanliness with the use of the Archangelic cross.

Discovering secrets hidden from us by religions over the Archangels.

Do you allow yourself get empowered by the Archangels?