New man-New woman Workshop

FULL-DAY workshop that gives you a clear and summarized idea of the qualities of the feminine and masculine essence when in the state of harmony, why the disconnection from that state happened in men and women, the historical stages of evolution in both, the current state and the future of the New man and the New woman.

It’s for you if…


You feel like you still don’t have a clear idea of what a woman connected with her true essence is and you find it hard to get to that state.


You sense that it’s still difficult to find harmony between men and women and you’d like to understand the guidelines that can help us all.


You feel that you still don’t understand what it is to be in the authentic energy of the full man and today’s society only adds confusion to achieve it.


You don’t like the type of relationship your parents had but you don’t see clear how to be in good terms with a person from the complementary sex.


  • The Higher Self and the masculine and feminine essences
  • Souls evolution in duality
  • Qualities of the female essence
  • Qualities of the male essence
  • Men-Women harmony stage
  • Start of the game: women first
  • Matriarchy: Abuse of women over man
  • Patriarchy: Abuse of men on women
  • Ideal Father Meditation
  • Ideal Mother Meditation
  • Historical evolution stages in both energies
  • Transition stage: Healing of wounds
  • The responsibility of women
  • Release of karmic Memories
  • Inner Woman Meditation
  • Inner Man Meditation
  • Rekindling: New Harmony Stage
  • Risks in men towards their New self
  • The Ego and the Higher Self
  • Soul mates role

How does it work?

You’ll be explained the bases of the correct and toxic functioning of the female and male energies according to the channeled information received from the Cosmic Parents over the years and you’ll do some exercises to feel both the healthy energies and the awry state in the inner men and women.



You’ll get advice on the possible tools and/or additional therapies that can work better for you on the path to the balance between the two energies in you.

“Heal your Man-Woman relationships and learn to live them from a state of harmony and love”

With this workshop you’ll be able to…

Clarify many doubts about what it is to be a woman connected to her true essence.

Get guidelines to find harmony between men and women.

Clarify much of the confusion about how to get to be in the true energy of the full man.

Have a quick overview of the stages of matriarchy and patriarchy and the reasons why they exist in the evolution of humanity.

Understand the reasons we haven’t been told about the conflict between men and women throughout history.

Understand the very important moment that we are living in history for both men and women.

Understand why there are more women than men doing spiritual work and why it should be so.

Understand the responsibility of women in the process of change towards the New Man and the New Woman.

Have information about the tools to make this gradual change in you.

Start living more healthy relationships now