Higher Self connection Workshop – Level 1

FULL-DAY WORKSHOP that gives you a clear idea of the process you will go through in your path to live aligned with your Higher Self, what it means to live from that state and how to go progressively achieve it with the help of certain guidelines and tools that accelerate your process of connection with your essence or Higher Self.

It’s for you if…


You feel an inner desire to discover your true essence and you don’t know how.


You’ve heard about the connection with the Higher Self and you’re wondering what that means.


You want to start making decisions from the true essence that you are.


You seek to find your true path and solutions to your current conflicts from a much wiser part of yourself.


You yearn to find a state of serenity and inner plenitude that seems out of reach.


  • What is “living from your Higher Self”?
  • Connection process with your Higher Self
  • Ego-Higher Self fight and role of the Ego
  • Connection with your Higher Self and levels of consciousness
  • Channeled Prayer for connection with your Higher Self
  • Silver lava exercise
  • Authentic Trinity
  • Meaning of David’s Star
  • Emerald table
  • Requirements and obstacles to the connection with your Higher Self
  • Initiation attitude
  • Past lives selves integration
  • Higher Self and Christic energy
  • Current crisis and Great change
  • Matrix Maestra® waves for the connection
  • The Secret of Jesus Christ
  • Help from future lives selves
  • Help from Color and Janosh holograms
  • Cosmic Child to access your Higher Self
  • Mini constellations with your Higher Self and Cosmic Child

How does it work?

You’ll get a deep explanation about the difference between living from the mind-ego and living from your Higher Self and the path that humanity has experienced in that direction.

All the theoretical information is combined with some meditation exercises to practice that change and with the Matrix Maestra® waves that help in your connection.

The last part of the workshop is focused on making several mini constellations in parallel where each participant will experience the level of connection they are with their Higher Self and Cosmic Child.



You will receive advice on the possible tools and/or additional therapies that can work better for you on your journey to your Higher Self.

I’ll share new channeled information on the new stages of connection with your Higher Self that more and more people are starting to live.

“Feel the true essence of your Higher Self”

With this workshop you’ll be able to…

See clearly the work map to get to live from your true essence.

Understand many of the changes that you and today’s society is experiencing.

Understand the difference between living from mind-ego and living from your Higher Self.

Know why it’s important for you to get ahead and make that change as soon as possible.

Understand why the connection with your Higher Self leads you to find your true path in life.

Link the solution to your current conflicts with the connection to your Higher Self.

Start the alignment with your essence, get guidelines and tools for it and feel that you can also get there.

You’ll begin a journey towards a state of serenity and inner plenitude only achieved when aligned with your Higher Self.

 Learn to clear the obstacles to the connection with your Higher Self or find the help to get it.

Do you dare to discover the path to your essence?