Divine Constellations Workshop

Divine Constellations Workshop

4-HOUR WORKSHOP similar to Family Constellations but adding characters from our multidimensional reality such as our Higher Self, Cosmic Parents and our past lives selves among others, so as to see the origin of our conflicts from a much higher perspective and reach a more permanent or hard-to-reach solution.

It’s for you if…


You want to solve problems of your reality of any kind or want to achieve a goal. Some examples:

  • Difficult relationships
  • Conflicts with parents, children or siblings
  • Start-up of a new project
  • Major illnesses or physical problems
  • Difficulties in achieving economic or professional success
  • Repetitive facts or obstacles in different areas
  • Emotions or attitudes that we cannot correct
  • Eating Disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia)
  • Spiritual guide changes
  • Conflicts or consequences of adoptions
  • Addictions and suicidal tendencies
  • Difficult destinies with or without pending mourning
  • Sexual abuse or sexual problems

How does it work?

1 Choose several people who represent different members of your energetic system (current natural people, characters from your past lives, Light beings that accompany you and healthy referents that nourish you).

2 Place them in the room following your intuition.

3 A copy of your energy system is generated in the room thanks to the workshop participants.

4 These people, who don’t know your reality, begin to feel the emotions and attitudes of the characters or archetypes that they represent.

5 A kind of spontaneous play is created and the facilitator helps to correct it by means of movements and key phrases, which unlock situations.

6 The solutions are integrated in you and your reality, until you reach the maximum of the solution that you are prepared to accept at that time.

If necessary the same issue will have to be constellated on other future occasions and each one will show the new starting point or other hidden aspects.


Saturday Nov 16, 2019


MEDITATION SUBJECT: PROSPERITY & LOVE. Unblocking Prosperity by unblocking Love and how they are connected.


Ideal Father and Mother, Higher Self, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Archangels, 72 Shemot, Totem animals, past lives selves, future lives selves

Why do we use multidimensional characters?

In the regular FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS, it is possible to unblock a lot of energy but depending on the level of the conflict, if it has its origin in situations prior to the current life, this can’t be solved with the available elements.


come from positive past lives where we had the healthy referents of Male and Female Energy that we use now to nourish us again so that our life works. This will always unlock at a deeper level than with the figures of the current biological parents.


connects us with our true essence and with the feeling that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE from that alignment, including healing very old wounds that block the arrival of wonderful things in our lives.


such as Mary Magdalene, the Archangels or  Pleiadian Mentors provide deep wisdom in the explanation and solution of the problem that the person is willing to resolve or in the project they want to achieve more easily.


or Hebrew letters bring healing energies of great power and show how close or far we are in an attitude to open ourselves to the help that is available in order to achieve our goals and of which we are not aware.


show us the autoboycotts we do to ourselves to achieve our goals.


bring us a potential evolved attitude that allows us to achieve our dreams.

Meditation at the beginning of the workshop to take advantage of the energy present at the date of the workshop and to tune in with the work to be done.

You will be able to receive waves of Matrix Maestra® in the breaks between each constellation, if you request it.

You will feel the energy difference between your human self, your Higher Self, the Cosmic or Ideal Parents and the Light beings from other dimensions.

“You deserve the gifts you will get when you set yourself free”

Benefits of this workshop…

If you constellate…

The benefits will be noticeable for you, all members of your family system and the participants who have represented each character, to the point that everyone is prepared to accept at that time.

You can see aspects hidden within your situation or confirm the ones you already sensed, observing how the different members of your reality are interrelated at a subtle level.

You will see if the origins of a difficulty come from the accumulated experiences of several selves from your other past lives or from attitudes that you were not aware of and correct them with your new attitude or with complementary techniques.

Experience unlocks that can have practical effects in your life in a more or less short period of time and that will always imply accelerating the process of your natural evolution.

If you act as a participant…

Because of being a representative, the difficult aspects that you happen to represent will be unblocked in you, and this will never be a coincidence.

If you represent a positive aspect of the system of the constellation, you will connect with an archetype or positive attitude that benefits you (a Light being, your Higher Self or archetype that empowers you).

Do you dare to remove obstacles from your path?