Aura-soma + Matrix Maestra® Workshop

4-HOUR WORKSHOP where you’ll learn about the influence of colors in your life and receive a quick Aura-soma reading of 15-20 minutes on your current moment in addition to receiving a wave of Matrix Maestra® with the energy you need most as a result of that reading.

If you don’t wish to have an individual Aura-soma reading session, you can opt for this workshop to benefit from the qualities of this technique.

It’s for you if…


You don’t know roughly what phase of your soul’s mission you are at and what internal obstacles you have to achieve it. This workshop can give you a general idea.


You don’t know on what important points you should be focusing your personal growth right now. This workshop gives you basic guidelines for it.


You don’t understand why sometimes you need to use one color more than others. At this workshop you’ll get help to decipher what your soul is telling to you.

How does it work?

1 Choose 4 bottles of the existing 110 of the AURA-SOMA system:

  • Each bottle has a meaning according to the order in which you choose it.
  • According to your current moment, you choose a different combination.

2 Listen to the interpretation of your choice:

  • You’ll discover your innate potential and qualities, the blockage that doesn’t allow you to express widely your potential, your present help to solve the blockage and your future tendency towards where your soul wishes to get to and will get to once your blockage is solved.

3 Get the energy of the BOTTLE that unlocks you with the MATRIX MAESTRA® Wave:

  • Depending on your blockage, you need to use one bottle or another to help you in your process.
  • If you don’t want to use the bottle, with a wave of MATRIX MAESTRA® you’ll get an impulse of that energy at the workshop.

4 OPTIONAL: Order the BOTTLE that unlocks you and the Pomander or Quintessence that reinforces your potential:

  • If you want to do the process in depth, order and use the chosen BOTTLE that you need and you’ll notice how it transforms your blockages at a deeper level.
  • Each bottle has a specific affirmation to use in meditation.
  • Available only through accredited facilitators.
  • To apply on the skin twice a day in the respective chakras, for 1-2 months until finished.

What is Aura-soma?

It is a self-selective system of support for self-knowledge, based on color, which was channeled by Vicky Wall of Great Britain when she had already got blind. She had the talent to see the color of people’s Aura as a child and kept seeing it once she got blind.

It consists of 2-color equilibrium bottles where each color floats on top of the other and will help you make a deep change in yourself. They are complemented with color Pomanders and Quintessences of Ascended Masters (essences of color and scent made with plants, crystal and angels energies) that support you in your process by generating changes in your aura each time they are applied.

“Aura” means “light” and “Soma” means “body” in Greek, “living energies” in Sanskrit and “Being” in Aramaic. Aura-Soma makes us aware of the living energies of the Light of our Being, to build and protect our body of Light.



You can order the bottle of Equilibrium and the Pomander/ Quintessence that will allow you to do the work more thoroughly.

“You are the colors you choose”

With this workshop…

You’ll learn the qualities that each color has to use them with greater awareness.

You’ll find out the stage of your soul’s mission you are at.

You’ll discover the talents of your soul that you’ve already acquired in the past.

The internal obstacles that prevent you from using those talents in the service of your mission will be revealed to you.

You’ll be told about the positive energies that are trying to help you overcome those obstacles.

You’ll find out where your soul is headed once you get over your internal resistances.

You’ll get the push of the energy you need to overcome your obstacles, thanks to the wave of Matrix Maestra®.

Do you dare to find out what the colors of your soul say?